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The SuperSU is a superuser privilege admin tool that permits you to manage the rights enjoyed by all of the applications you have installed on your device. Basically, it provides you full control over the Android devices. One of the choices that SuperSU apk offers is the option to do temporary unroot of the device so that you can take benefit of the content that just unrooted devices can utilize.

The SuperSU app is an extremely helpful tool that tryst to replace any other app you were utilizing for managing the superuser privileges, providing an open interface with some extremely fascinating features. This application is completely free for download. However, there’s an in-application purchase, but it won’t really carry anything special to the device. Also, there’s a choice for a donation to its developers if you desire and feel like you can give to same.Do VLC Apk Download

Features Of The SuperSU App:

  • Simple Unroot:

With the assistance of the SuperSU superuser application, you can simply unroot the Android smartphone either permanently or temporarily. By utilizing this feature, you can enjoy the advantages of an unrooted android device as well.

  • Full Control:

When you install the SuperSU app on the android, you’ll get the Superuser Android application. The major role of the superuser is to administer the access privileges of all applications on the Android device. It provides you full control of the device. Utilizing the superuser admin tool, you can either deny or allow the root access to the Android applications already installed on the android smartphone.Get Mx Player Apk

  • Supports All The Rooted Devices:

The SuperSU app can be flashed on any rooted tablet or smartphone regardless of its Android OS version and brand. It is why the SuperSU app is contemplated as the best Android rooting app.

Supersu Apk

Advantages And Disadvantages Of The SuperSU APK Download :

Downloading the SuperSU apk takes a lot of benefits on the android device. In fact, it becomes the safety guard of your device system while being the awesome supported in all the functionality. So here we’re discussing all of its pros and cons of the SuperSU app for immediately catching at a glance.


  • Can easily Allow or Deny that application permission
  • SuperSU is a powerful app accessible for free download
  • SuperSU also guarantees the system security
  • Allow controlling all the applications that are accessed by the Android system
  • Striking and all comfortable user interface
  • Assists better functionality with a great control of all the applications after root

Similarly, you’ll get prompts whenever apps try to grant the superuser access themselves. So in each single time, you can allow superuser permissions to all the applications comprising the ones saying root-only or can just deny the superuser permissions if you feel like you’re no longer secure having the certain application installed. And if you desire there’s a separate choice to Remember and make certain the superuser never gonna ask for the ones having the privileges already.


When there’s a lot to converse about all its pros, we hardly come across anything that can make us discontented working with the SuperSU app download. In fact, the SuperSU download Root does work to what it is aimed for. So rather than it’s so frequently functions in the ghost mode in the background of your android device, there appears nothing to state as cons.

What’s More In The Pro Version Of The SuperSU App ?

  • The SuperSU app provides OTA survival mode
  • Complete color-coded command log information as displays output/input and more
  • Deny or allow permission for a certain time set
  • Advanced per-application logging configurations
  • Per-application PIN protection for ensuring more security for each individual application
  • The SuperSU also provides PIN protection
  • Auto-deny countdown changes
  • User override on a per-application basis

Points To Keep In Mind :

  • The SuperSU app is developed by Chainfire, a well-known Android developer. So, all the credits have to go to Chainfire.
  • You can install SuperSU just on the rooted Android tablets or smartphones. So, if your device is not already rooted, then you cannot really utilize this fantastic application at all.

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