Root Explorer Apk Free Download For Android

The Root Explorer is a very helpful application that provides you unlimited access to the complete file system of any Android device. Whether you desire to free up a little space on the smartphone by getting rid of unused files or you desire to access a more complete file manager than the one that your phone provides, Root Explorer Apk can meet all of your requirements and then some.

Root Explorer Apk

The Root Explorer is a fast combo of highly developed features with the simple user interface. Even if you’re a newbie in mods and roots, this application will be your preferred one because of such astonishing features. Here is what the Root Explorer has to offer.


  • Multiple Tabs:

When it comes to speaking about the Root Explorer Apk features, the primary is that the Root Explorer permits you to utilize several tabs that allow you to explore different folders at once by not unsettling the preceding one. Just like the one of the net browser, you can utilize the tabs to work on different folders simultaneously. There’s also a feature in the Root Explorer that permits you to work on Dropbox and Google Drive permitting you to work over the net files saved in the cloud.

  • Sqlite Database Viewer:

The great thing about the Root Explorer Apk is that when accessing the different subsystems of Android, users might have to read the different stored databases, which is a feature that’s omitted from many other options but that isn’t the event with the Root Explorer because it permits the user to utilize the sqlite database viewer which is totally compatible with many latter-day programming languages like python. It shall assist the Root Explorer application to become the one-stop destination for all the rooted access programming requirements.

  • Safe:

The Root Explorer functions great on confidentiality by making sure that the information of the user is kept secure. You can utilize the Root Explorer Apk application to remove or add the accounts to your Google Drive SDK to append new data about the accessed accounts. There’re no alterations made to the existing accounts making sure that the user information entered by you to be securely protected. Only the user get access to the basic user information.

  • Sleeping Free:

The Root Explorer application has a feature called sleeping free that assists the user to accomplish longer process very securely and without being disrupted by the Android phone going into the sleep mode. Now you can splendidly utilize the Root Explorer app to do such long, difficult programs stress-free without having any type of disruptions. The makers made this feature in the Root Explorer app to assist the user to stand out from the remaining options and make a stress free UI.

  • Superb Text Editor:

The subsequent thing which the Root Explorer Apk provides is the outstanding text editor and the ability to make and extract gzip or zip files. You can also make use of the Root Explorer application to make rar archives and execute the scripts and extract the rar files. The makers made sure that one of a kind experience is made permitting the user to utilize all the features that they might need while getting access to the subsystems of Android at one place using the Root Explorer app.

Root Explorer Apk

  • Other Cool Stuff:

The Root Explorer Apk also offers you with a lot of cool apk viewer and xml viewer option that permits the user to make great use and get access to the apk and xml files on the Android smartphone’s systems for file managing. The Root Explorer application also has a feature that permits the user to allow the makers acquaint if you aren’t pleased with the user experience and Root Explorer application features. The creators are in the mission of making and providing the in-class Root Explorer features.

How Can You Download And Install The Root Explorer App ?

  • Simply click on the given link given to begin downloading process of the Root Explorer Apk.
  • You may just need to click on OK to make the process start.
  • The downloading process once is done, you will then be taken to the installation page of the Root Explorer application.
  • Then simply click on the Install button and the installation shall start. Once the installation of Root Explorer is done, you can use it right away.

The link that is provided here assists each type of user from the ones not capable of using the Google Play Store to those who are not capable of accessing the Root Explorer application on their smartphone.

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