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Certainly, there’re numerous applications installed on Android. If that’s the case, have you ever experienced when searching for one application to do some activity it becomes quite an ache to locate it quickly from the application list? A lot of individuals experience this, and that’s why we have Quickshortcutmaker APK for resolving your issue.Get More Apks From Techidig

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What Is The Quickshortcutmaker ?

The Quickshortcutmaker application is a free Android application which allows you to make shortcuts on the home screen of the Android. But, why’d we even have to make an application Shortcut on the Android Device when we can just open the application, you may ask. Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. We never informed you that you’d be making shortcuts for applications with this application (though you can do that as well).Download Freedom Apk

But the major purpose why many individuals utilize the Quickshortcutmaker application is to make shortcuts for activities or processes of a particular application. It’d assist you in performing a particular activity of an application almost immediately. All you are gonna wanna perform is just tap on the Shortcut you made using this amazing free application. Now, if you’re somebody who has adequate patience and isn’t in a rush, then also you may require the Quickshortcutmaker app.

Quickshortcutmaker Apk

Why do you ask? Well, as you may already acquaint, there’re some hidden settings on the Android Device which we cannot access even after opening that specific application. Such settings can be accessed utilizing the Quickshortcutmaker app. That is because this application looks for activities and processes of an application straight off and makes a shortcut for the same. For example, a lot of people were capable of setting fonts on their MIUI 8 (MI User Interface) Device without rooting the device. All they have to carry out is search for the font activity and make a shortcut on the home screen for the same. The following are the major functions and features of the Quickshortcutmaker app:

  • Carry out searches utilizing the main keywords.
  • Filter by activities/tasks, favorites, and apps.
  • Order alphabetical results.
  • Select between a normal or incremental search mode.
  • Search history.
  • Shows icons on the list for easily accessing them.
  • Open actions and make sure they do what they ought to do.
  • Swap task icons.
  • Make shortcuts from the home screen
  • Check and share the application information.

Download & Availability Of The Quickshortcutmaker APK :

The Quickshortcutmaker will ask over the permissions before the installation process when you try accessing its downloaded apk file in the downloads folder of the system or the selected destination folder for the downloaded file to be saved on. Make sure that you have a backup of the device you are gonna use in case the application goes haywire which it usually does not, but it is our job to provide you a heads-up.Download Tweakbox Apk

How To Make Shortcuts Using This Amazing Tool ?

  • First of all, long-tap your device’s home screen.
  • Then, tap on Widgets.
  • Now, long-tap Activities which has the icon of Quickshortcutmaker.
  • Drag it to anywhere on your screen for launching the Quickshortcutmaker application.
  • Choose an activity > edit it > tap on Create.
  • A shortcut will be made.

One of the strong points of the Quickshortcutmaker APK is that it allows you to customize the shortcuts. You can select the icon as well as the name of that shortcut, which makes it simple to mask the shortcuts if you so select. The Quickshortcutmaker is an app that provides more than what you anticipate at first sight. It is just perfect for quickly accessing the app settings and menus.

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