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Try to escape from a frightening house full of catches in the 1st-person horror granny apk. But running won’t be simple; the evil grandma will approach you at full pace if she hears so much as brooch drop. You can move the character throughout the home with the virtual directional pad on the left of your screen, and interact with anything: hide under beds, open drawers and boxes, deactivate traps, and pick up keys, etc. You just have five days to flee from the home, and you’ll rapidly learn you require all 5.

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If you make any sound, the freaky grandma will chase you at full pace. Perhaps you will be capable of outrunning her, but if she catches you, she will hit you unconscious. When that occurs, you will wake up back at the start, and one day will have gone. Do not let the grandma catch you! With the constant fret of waking her and the intuitive control system, the granny is a fantastic horror game.Download Ludo King Apk

Granny Apk

Granny Features :

  • When we utilize an android application endlessly, the probabilities are that the user shall eventually get uninterested in the Gameplay which is because the content of the games is limited. It has begun to become the latest concern for the game developers of android. The makers made certain not to allow the granny game to fall into that group by designing it with the best gaming difficulty levels and modes that are made to test the skills of the player in a challenging environment.
  • For appending on to the difficult Gameplay, the developers established the idea wherein if the user isn’t capable of escaping the home for a period of total five days then you shall be ensnared in the home forever. So plan the gaming approach accordingly and get ready for escaping the home because if you’ll not, then you’ll be captured and be eaten up by the granny zombie. So it is now or never.
  • The Gameplay is intended for always keeping you prepared and aware because if you plunge anything in the home, then you’ll be the victim of the fury of the freaky granny. The user has to be certain to keep his paths covered else it shall she shall be awakened and will come chasing down for you. The minute she seizes you, she shall consume you alive, and then this game shall finish. If you desire to come out of that horror home alive, then make certain that you don’t make any sound.
  • If you believe that the whole home shall be against you then you can’t be any more mistaken because this game has many hidden cupboards and rooms where you can hide your character from the freaky granny, so all you have to do is to think cautiously and come up with the great solution and scroll through the home and play the game.Download Bus Simulator Apk


How Can You Download And Install The Granny APK ?

  • First of all, download the granny apk from the link provided here.
  • Then, hit OK and the downloading will start.
  • The gamer will then be taken to the installation page of the game apk file when the downloading process will be finished.
  • Hit the Install button, and the installation process will automatically be finished by your android device.

All things considered, if you love horror movies and stories, and you do not mind being scared while playing any video games; then you ought to give this fantastic game a chance. By the way, you can simply download this game for free from the given link.

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