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The Fly GPS apk is an app that can trick the GPS into thinking that you are someplace you are not. Similarly, you can make the phone think that you are moving, which is the cause this app captured many Pokémon GO players’ attention. Besides utilizing this app with certain games, it also allows you to do many interesting things with the Android without having to go from wherever you’re. For this cause, it can also be an interesting and useful application for the developers who have to test applications.

Fly GPS APK Features :

This app is a well-liked Android fake location application that has become one of the most preferred applications for the Pokémon GO players for spoofing location in their game and control the character utilizing a joystick. This application comes with many functionalities comprising:

  • Ability to go to a location utilizing Coordinates Search or Google Search.
  • Virtually go to anywhere in the world
  • Move location mode.
  • Fixed location mode.
  • The on-screen app with the joystick can be simply relocated/repositioned by simply dragging.
  • Option to append any location to the favorites.

Pokémon Go Hack Using The Fly GPS App :

Already, you ought to acquaint that the Pokémon Go is the first real game application of Nintendo for Android and iOS devices. Albeit most individuals playing this game can’t wait to grasp Pokémon on their devices, the game is now officially available for those in the UK, US, Australia, Germany, and New Zealand. The official regions of Pokémon Go are increasing almost every day; the game trend isn’t over because there’re still many individuals who’re diehard lovers of this game. Here, we’re offering a resourceful application for the Pokémon Go lovers; utilize the Fly GPS apk to make the most of the Gameplay.Get Hungry Shark Apk

fly gps apk

Requirements For Installing Fly GPS:

  • This application is accessible on application stores. But you will just meet the newest version. Therefore, if the device isn’t compatible with the latest version, then, you can download the compatible version from here.
  • Check the version of Android; (it’ll not affect the version you ought to download anyway)
  • It can just install on Android devices with one GB of RAM. However, 1.5 or two GB suggested for seamless functionality of this tool.
  • The app is just for Android and iOS smartphones.
  • The smartphone has to have support for the GPS.
  • Unluckily, it’s not compatible with Android devices using the Atom Intel processors.

How Can You Install The Fly GPS App On Android ?

Do not know how you can install the apk file? It is extremely easy. Simply follow this guide for quickly installing this app on the Android tablet/phone device and begin spoofing the location:

Step#1: Download the Fly GPS apk. You can utilize any internet browser for downloading the apk file.

Step#2: Once the file has been successfully saved. Swipe down your notifications bar > tap the file to open it.

Step#3: You’ll see the Install blocked message. Simply tap Settings for moving on.

Step#4: Then, tap the checkbox of the Unknown sources for enabling it.

Step#5: A pop-up message box will emerge. Make sure to check the Allow this installation only checkbox > tap OK.

Step#6: Now, tap Install.

Within some secs, the application will be installed on the Android phone.

Fly GPS App Doesn’t Work After The New Android Security Update:

Once the Android phone has got the security update, you’ll no longer be capable of utilizing this app for spoofing the location. But there’re a few workarounds:

  • Downgrade the version of your android tablet/phone to the preceding.
  • Or, you can simply install this app on the device as a system application.

However, it’s significant to state here that both of such loopholes need you to root the phone first.

Tips For Making The Most Of The Fly GPS:

The instructions mentioned below will assist you in making the most of the Fly GPS apk without experiencing sudden soft bans or any other problem while utilizing the spoof/fake location in the Pokémon Go game.Get Happy Chick Apk

  • In case you’re being repositioned/relocated to the original location, then it’s been recommended to switch the Wi-Fi off on the device and utilize the Cellular/Mobile Data instead.
  • Never attempt to fly or teleport far away from the actual location in a short period. Servers of Niantic record the last location. And lest you’re suddenly relocated to a place far away from that actual location, then your move will be noticed, and you will get a soft ban on the account.

You must have to spoof/move the location realistically. Don’t fly from one town to the other within a matter of seconds. Play it safe. Utilize some common sense. Or else, the servers will notice the move and soft ban the account.

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