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Perhaps a lot of you here are the Grand Theft Auto fans. It can be uttered that it is an interesting game, we don’t disagree with that. An RPG with attractive Gameplay, great graphics, you can freely operate and to the underground world out of the law. So, instead of organizing or playing racing like real hooligans, then you need to sit behind the wheel of a bus, do the work of transporting individuals day by day, what will that feel like? Don’t hurry for judging that job is tedious because more or less, it also becomes an exciting experience while assisting you in comprehending the traffic rules that you have to engage in daily. So today, we will introduce a brand new game to you named bus simulator apk.

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Features Of The Bus Simulator :

  • Passenger system will offer Realistic and Social Reactions.
  • You will be capable of having offices in a lot of places around the world.
  • Passengers may review you.
  • Thirteen Amazing Coach Bus
  • 250+ radio stations
  • Realistic Interiors
  • Rest area
  • Highway Toll roads
  • Realistic weather
  • Realistic traffic system
  • Simple controls (Buttons, Tilt, or steering wheel)
  • Realistic Bus sound effects
  • More than twenty-five language support

Bus Simulator Apk

Bus Simulator APK Graphics :

Bus simulator game is an upgrade of the Truck Simulator both in terms of graphics and Gameplay. The game offers a realistic and beautiful 3D visual background. The route goes on in the major cities, simulating the similar to each detail. Night and day effects and different weather changes are also a part of the bus simulator, providing you a similar experience as the real-life driving. Besides, the sound effects of the game are very attractive and lively. The car engines sound, voice of passengers, and radio are all very realistic sounds. Such images are extremely recognizable if you frequently travel by bus.Enjoy Hay Day Apk also

Apply Genuine Traffic Rules :

You ought to not think that bus simulator apk is only a simulation game than you can carry out anything. In the bus simulator, it applies authentic traffic laws that you have to follow. Or else, you’ll be penalized. Therefore, you need to watch the traffic lights, never overtake the red traffic light because you’ll be penalized right away. Besides, you also have to follow the laws when taking part in traffic like: go at the correct speed, turn on the horn for the warning, switch on the signal light when you are changing your direction, carry the correct number of passengers, and follow the correct lane.Play The Sims Mobile Apk

Also, the bus simulator brings thirteen diverse bus brands for you to select from. Even so, they’re not accessible immediately. You just have one basic bus at the start of the game. You need to work hard for unlocking the new buses. Besides, the game also permits you to customize your car according to the preferences with the numerous choices of engine capacity, painting, and the interior. Our advice is for upgrading the elements that affect the business first and then dwell on making it more gorgeous.

Bus Simulator

How To Play?

  • Start the Bus by simply utilizing the Start/Stop key.
  • On the right of the screen, carry the shift to D position.
  • You can control the Bus by utilizing acceleration and brake buttons.


If you love playing Android driving simulation games, then the bus simulator is certainly a name that you can’t overlook. The game provides realistic Gameplay simulations of the driver of a bus. Besides, it also has great graphics, an intuitive control system, and an active sound. If you don’t desire to utilize all the new buses, you can simply upgrade the offices for free, directly from the start of the game; if you are interested in downloading the bus simulator, and then simply click on the bus simulator apk link provided here.

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